Understanding what Google is recognizing as a ranking factor can make or break your online presence. Because of this we’ve compiled the 12 top ranking signals based on our analytical research. 1. Backlinks – High quality backlinks account for 30% of your overall page score in Google. Keep in mind not all backlinks are created […]

Optimization for local search is hot. Whereas at one time, web users wanted to gather and get global information, today they increasingly want results that are more personal that literally get them data and information about where they are living. A study cited in Beginners Guide to SEO from SEOmoz’s indicated that 79% of web […]

Tampa SEO Upturned | Google’s New Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Tampa Web Design – The world of SEO-friendly web design will, on April 21, 2015, undergo a revolution of historic importance. Google has announced a significant expansion pack to its mobile ranking demotion algorithm, which originally debuted in 2013. From now on, says the search engine behemoth, […]